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EVO MMA Gloves Kick Boxing Sparring Grappling Cage Fight Martial Arts Training

Made up of Specially designed Matte Finish Maya Hide Premium Leather
Provides Ultimate Protection and Shock Absorption with Three Layered High Density Foam Core and GEL Protection
Free-thumbed design for optimum dexterity, Velcro Loop wrist fastens and support
Open Palm design features curved anatomical grip and fit, Articulated finger ridges for ease of movement
Knuckles and front is Padded with High Density Injection Molded Foam with Rubber Gel For Added Protection and Comfort
Features Double Wrist Support Wraps with Velcro Closure
Sweat winking stretchable spandex With Y style Open Thumb Design Ideal for Sparring
Can be used for all kinds of combat and body contact sports
Designed Specially for MMA and Ultimate Fighting Use
Available in 4 Sizes
100% Money Back and Quality Guarantee

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