EVO Fitness Black Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads Deal

£34.99 £42.99
  • [CONSTRUCTION] Our Boxing Gloves and Pads are Made up of High Quality and Beautiful Matte Finish ‎Faux Leather with FREE 3.5 Meter Long Black/Pink Boxing Hand Wraps
  • [PROTECTION AND COMFORT] EVO Fitness Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads Provide Ultimate Protection and Shock Absorption With High-Density Multi-Layer Injection Moulded EVA Foam Core and GEL Protection
  • [UNIQUE BREATHABILITY] These Punching Gloves and Pads Feature Mesh Interiors with Ventilation Holes for Improved Airflow and Breathability
  • [GRIP AND DURABILITY] These Muay Thai Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads Have Adjustable Straps Provides Snug Fitting with Added Gel Protection on the back of hand Knuckles, Matte Finish Long Lasting and Durable Design
  • [FOCUS PADS COMFORT] Made with two layers of foam technology and enhanced with a soft gel lining, these focus pads will effectively shield you from harm during intense training and pad drills. 
  • [FOCUS PADS SOLID GRIP] Domed ergonomic palm design for solid grip and evenly distributed impact.

Customer Reviews

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Very well made!

I'm a huge fan of boxing and I'm a huge round of meaning specially with pads I think the quality of the boxing mitts themselves agree fantastic I chose the highest weight because I believe personally training with higher weight allows your punches to fly further and faster when actually training with less heavy heavyweights and so after using the products is very easy and simple to attach to your hands this is including the pads as well as the gloves it's a simple but unique design I love the fact that is completely black it just feels better fills uni feels premium it's easy to also hold them it's when receiving the hooks or the jabs or the upper cuts from the boxer or the one who's hitting the Mitts. the quality of the actual mates as well as the gloves are fantastic you've also got a strap to have to your hand before putting the gloves on so that also makes it convenient as well and I feel like getting all listener package for the price is definitely worth it.

Tech T-Rex
High quality, great fun!

Really nice quality as soon as you open the package. The material feels soft & durable whilst the pads are well padded and makes for quite the fun workout. I would advise airing it out a little before you start using them as it did have quite a strong factory smell. This did soon go though.Really good value considering you get two gloves & two pads! Straps on gloves are easy to use and offer some adjustment. For the bigger hands recommend the bigger gloves 100% as it will impact your ability to hit & may start to hurt during longer workout sessions.


Gor these for my 7 year old daughter to get her to learn a bit of boxing, co.e with hand pants plus the wraps to keep the knuckles safe and not cut up, really good quality gloves and pads also comes in there own little case to keep everything together, excellent quality and excellent value for money 5stars

Good value set of Gloves, pads and wraps

This set of boxing gloves and pads includes a pair of each in a very nice black and gold design. I got the 10oz one for the added protection. I have to say, I?? quite impressed with the stitching on this glove! They??e easy to slip on and off and the pads can be gripped well as well as tightened for a better fit. They can definitely absorb a good few rounds. The gloves are breathable and don?? suffer from a big sweat buildup from a lack of ventilation which is great. Only used these for boxing so can?? comment on any other forms but I?? very happy with this.

Im suprised how good are. For this price.


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