EVO Fitness Occlusion Training Bands

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[ CONSTRUCTION ] EVO Fitness Occlusion Training Bands are Made of Very High Grade Extra Wide Elastic, These bfr Straps (Blood Flow Restriction Wraps) include Quick Release Cam Buckle For Easy on and off
[ EXTRA LONG & WIDE DESIGN ] These Gym bfr Bands are "25 Inches" Long and "2 inches" Wide in Design and are perfect for strong occlusion which helps you gain muscle without Lifting Heavy Weights
[ EASY ON AND OFF] These Gym Training Bicep Bands feature Quick Pinch Free Cam Buckle Design which is very easy to use during occlusion training sessions
[USES] SOLD AS PAIR These occlusion training bands help you gain muscle without Lifting Heavy Weights during Weightlifting , these Gym Workout training bands straps wraps can be used on both legs and arms, These Occlusion bands are Unisex can be used by girls ladies women for glute building exercise, can also be used by men for gym workout bicep training

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Well made and work

These are exactly as shown in the images. They are not as described in that they don't have numbers on them. I don't think that's an issue in that it doesn't affect the efficacy of the product but a bit annoying they put it in the description when it's false.These are very well made with a nice thick elasticated material and good plastic buckles. I managed to put these on with one hand easily. Put the strap through the buckle first to make a loop then put it on your arm or leg and it's just a matter of pulling it tight and closing the buckle.For the money these are very good in my opinion.


I've never used anything like this before - what a revelation they areThese are used to restrict blood flow at the top of your arm - to swell / pump your arms during a workoutI have been using these for around a month on arm days and what a massive difference they have madeMy arms are stronger, fuller and visibly bigger even days after the pump has subsided (if only that part was permanent)Will keep using these to take my training to the next level100% recomended

Thomas P.
A pretty good example of this kind of product

After eyeing these kinds of things suspiciously for a while I decided to give them a go, and actually this style of training does encourage muscle volume development when used. I haven't used them long enough to track how long-term the gains are, but you can probably find that out elsewhere as that aspect isn't product specific. The bands are long enough to use on both my arms and legs (though I would expect folks with thicker thighs than mine might not find that to be the case), and the they are comfortable to tighten up. You do need to be a bit mindful when the buckle is close to the skin and there isn't some cloth between you and the buckle-- you can give yourself a bit of a pinch as you pull it tight if you aren't careful. They are very easy to use on legs, and the buckle makes applying them to your arms a fairly easy affair. Maybe most importantly, the are quick and easy to release at the end of the workout, where you might find yourself quite ready to let the blood flow back into your exhausted limb.



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